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Orpheum Theatre
Second Avenue at 8th Street (East Village)
800 - 982 2787 /


This is definitely a fun thing to go to. You will never forget it. You will enjoy it even more if you love dancing.
Aside from the perfect fusion of rhythm and dance, the performers are totally engaging and interact with the
audience. This is a show about joy. No complicated story lines or plots to figure out. It's all simple extremely
comical and delightfully enterttaining.
It's a very different theater experice and designed to make you enjoy the pure and infectious entertainment.

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SoHo Playhouse
15 Vandam Street (Between Varick Street & 6th Avenue)
Tickets: (212) 691 1555 /  

 He's packing them in!

Letterman Emmy-winner Ted Greenberg performs his hit Off-Broadway comedy show
and then whisks a lucky audience group home in a New York City taxi driven by
Greenberg himself. Now in its 4th smash season at the Soho Playhouse, located in
the heart of Manhattan nightlife.

 Ted Greenberg audience





That Bachelorette Show poster

42 West Theatre
514 West 42nd Street (Between 9th & 10th Avenues)
Ticket information: (212) 392 1209 // 

From the creators pf The Awesome 80s Prom comes New York's newest interactive sensation, That Bachelorette Show!

After 8 years and no ring, Adriana Orlando just broke up with her high school sweetheart, Giovani Giovanni. Desperate for a new start, she's putting her love life in the hands of That Bachelorette Show, where she'll meet some of the most eligible and spoof-tastic bachelors in the world.
With all these choices, how will she pick which man to marry? She won't. YOU WILL! And, that's just hald the fun in this hysterical romp.  
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Union Sq. Theatre
100 East 17th Street
Tickets: (212) 239 6200 // 

 A madcap stage adaptation of the famed 1935 Alfred Hitchcock film (and John Buchnan novel) of the same title, 39 Steps trails unsuspecting Englishman Richard Hannay as he is inadvertently drawn into an elaborate plot by a dark and beautiful female spy. When the same woman is mysteriously murdered in Hannay’s apartment, he must flee the country in an attempt to save his own life from her diabolical pursuers. On the lam from both the pursuing authorities and a team of assassins sent to kill him before he discovers the meaning of the puzzling “39 Steps,” Hannayis met by an outrageous cast of characters, from suspicious Scotsmen to an evil professor to an innocent female companion (with a temper). A whirlwind adventure, 39 Steps pays homage to Hitchcock - and the classic film mysteries with an unapologetic, tongue-in-cheek flair that has won over audiences on Broadway, London and around the world. 

39 Steps action

Accidental Pervert promo

13th Street Repertory (Between 5th & 6th Avenues)
Ticket information: (212) 352 3101 / 


The Accidental Pervert is a laugh-out-loud play that tells the awkwardly poignant story of a boy's journey into manhood after discovering his dad's video tapes hidden in a bedroom closet. Andrew subsequently develops an addiction that continues until the age of 26, when he meets his wife to be, and finds himself struggling to find the balance between fantasy and reality.

Let acclaimed performer and comedian Andrew Goffman take you on a whirlwind tour of his funny romance with magazines, video, and off-color fantasies while you roll in the aisles. However, it's not all laughs in this layered show, which ends on a touching moment of redemption as he struggles to find true love and perspective through real-life relationships.

• The Accidental Pervert has eclipsed 1000 performances in the legendary Greenwich Village area of New York!
• Award winning run in Buenos Aires, Argentina!
• Winner 2013 BEST COMEDY Award in Panama City, Panama!
• Opening in Zurich, Switzerland and the Island of Malta 2014! 2015 premiers in Kristiansand and Oslo, Norway!

So come have some good dirty fun with The Accidental Pervert! Oh, and leave the little ones home. The show has mature themes and is meant for audience members over 16.

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Barrow Street Theatre
27 Barrow Street (Near Seventh Ave. So.)
Tickets: (212) 868 4444 // 


In a run-down movie theater in central Massachusetts, three underpaid employees mop the floors and attend to one of the last 35 millimeter film projectors in the state. Their tiny battles and not-so-tiny heartbreaks play out in the empty aisles, becoming more gripping than the lackluster, second-run movies on screen. With keen insight and a finely-tuned comic eye, The Flick is a hilarious and heart-rending cry for authenticity in a fast-changing world.
The Flick cast

The Ride crowd


Purchase tickets In lobby of Madame Tussaud's
234 West 42nd Street ( Between 7th & 8th Avenues)
Tickets: (646) 289 5060 /

 The ultimate New York experience!

Described by Promenade Magazine as “a spectacular immersive and interactive entertainment experience that moves you through Midtown as an ever-changing show featuring actors, performers, singers, dancers and Manhattan citizens unfolds before your eyes as you sit in stadium style seats inside a state-of-the-arts motor coach which features over 3,000 LED lights, 40 video screens, an IMAX Theatre’s worth of audio equipment, cutting-edge speakers and floor-shaker sound system technology;” THE RIDE also boasts two on board Hosts brilliantly skilled at delivering the most delicious facts and histories of this Nation’s most famous destination points.
Times Square, the Bank of America Tower, the Chrysler Building, Grand Central Terminal, the NYC Library, historic Bryant Park, Radio City Music Hall, 50 Rockefeller Plaza, Sixth Avenue’s Skyscraper Alley, Carnegie Hall, the Hearst Tower’s Atrium, and Columbus Circle are all creatively introduced to THE RIDERS in such exciting terms that an entire cast of players is recruited in the process.
The performing cast seemingly springs from out of the crowded Manhattan streets that have now become the stage on which the story of New York is played out for the stunned and delighted RIDERS.
THE RIDE has become a magnate for retail ticket sales with a demographic evenly divided between New Yorkers and Out-of-Town guests. After four sold-out seasons THE RIDE is awaiting its 200,000 RIDER.
THE RIDE’S multi-million-dollar motor coaches depart from the most accessible corner in the world; 42nd Street and Eighth Avenue – only 15 feet away from the Box Office that is located right inside the famous ground-floor Lobby of Madame Tussauds on 42nd Street between Broadway and Eighth Avenue.
The motor coaches, the tallest allowed by Federal Law, leave 42nd Street over 30 times a week during their Monday through Sunday playing schedule, introducing the exhilarating view of New York through their massive floor-to-ceiling windows which promote a floating sensation over the world’s largest stage - Manhattan. 
The 2014 Holiday Schedule is almost sold-out. 
A substantial number of additional HOLIDAY RIDE’S will be added shortly to accommodate the demand of shoppers and Broadway theatre goers who include THE RIDE in their Holiday plans and as gifts for family and friends.
Gift Cards are snapped up year-round with a natural spike in November.
Special Group Rates for groups of ten or more are available with significant joy applied to those Groups celebrating special occasions. This year THE RIDE has hosted more than one wedding.
Plans are underway for an aggressively creative expansion of the brand to several other cities, nationally and internationally; San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Boston and London are in the wings.    
Most recently honored with a nomination for the 58th Annual Drama Desk Award in the prestigious Unique Theatrical Experience Category, THE RIDE has just been awarded its fourth TripAdvisor® Certificate of Excellence Award.   FOURTH.  In the meantime THE RIDE’S staff, cast and crew prepare to meet their 200,000 RIDER.

The Ride external


80 to 90 performers, technicians, drivers, box office treasurers and administrators get THE RIDE rolling every day of the year (except Christmas Day).  18 New York actors alternate in the On-Board roles of RIDE OPERATIVES Scott and Jackie.
THE RIDE motor coaches measure over 13 feet high, 45 feet long and 8 feet wide.  They are as tall as the Federal Government allows on the Streets of Manhattan.
The interiors of the vehicles/motor coaches were gutted and rebuilt to include three rows of stadium-style seating.
More than 3,000 LED lights, 40 video screens, a surround-song system and floor-shaker technology in each motor coach can emulate the feel and sound of everything from a Subway passing underneath to the inside of a nightclub.
The motor coach’s external speakers and lighting allow RIDERS and on-board performers interact with THE RIDE’S street performers as well as anyone else they pass on the street.


Theater For The New City



155 First Avenue (At 10th Street)
Tel: (212) 254 1109  // 

TNC nurtures and develops writers for the American stage.
TNC does only new work - all premiers. It produces a playwright more than once, as the writer gains strength over a period
of time. It does full-length plays, many with music and song and choreography. Each year, TNC produces between
30-40 new American plays by both emerging writers, established writers, and theater companies that have no permanent
home. Awards for past productions include: the Pulitzer Prize, 43 Village Voice OBIE Awards, 8 Audelco Awards, 2 Bessie
Awards, 5 ASCAP Awards, 10 Rockefeller Playwrights Fellowships, The Mayors Stop the Violence Award, the Manhattan
Borough President's Award for Public Service and Artistic Excellence in Theater, and NY City Council Proclamation
tribute to TNC's contributions to improving the quality of life in the City by its "rich tradition of bringing theater to people in
multi-cultural neighborhoods."

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