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 Daryl Roth Theatre
101 East 15th Street at Union Square East
Telecharge: (212) 239 6200 / www.fuerzabrutanyc.com

 Extended indefinitely! Creative and thrilling performance event.
No plot but lots of special effects and very loud music.

From the creators of the smash-hit De La Guarda, Fuerza Bruta is an event where worlds collide, dreams are real
and reality takes a back seat. The visuals are spectacular. The effects are stunning. Performers run and tumble
across a vertical wall of technicolor cloth, a man runs headlong through a wall. Most extraordinary of all performers
dance in a watery world above the audience's heads. This all takes place to a soundtrack that traverses thumping
club beats to the mellow sounds of new world music.
Fuerza Bruta took Europe, South America and Miami by storm - and has been captivating New York audiences as
one of the most talked about theatrical experiences On or Off Broadway!

Fuerza Bruta action