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La Cages au Manhattan... 

By Byron Bohl, Johnny Ramos & John Hoglund

In, out or almost there, if you're of the gay persuasion, you won't be bored in the city where gays never sleep. Manhattan after dark pulsates with the gay bar nightlife scene where many lifestyles blend and oddly dominate everywhere from the East or West Village to Chelsea, Hell's Kitchen, the Upper West Side - and beyond. Once confined to a handful of hidden watering holes scattered mainly in West Village dives or a handful of classier uptown bars, today they are as common as pizza and pedicure parlors. It really starts at Happy Hour. From all the variables today that include: dance bars, muscle clubs, piano bars, homo-style bistros and ladies' lounges, gay Gotham is explosive, vivid and overwhelmingly trendy at times.. Boring its not!

For a plethora of tourists and visitors, the gay bar scene today has expanded but still predominantly focused on a few neighborhoods. Naturally, it begins with the venerable Stonewall Inn (now a NYC landmark!) located on Christopher Street (opposite Sheridan Square) in the quasi-trendy West Village and extends into more upscale, uber-trendy Chelsea and red hot Hell's Kitchen area. The East Village still retains a funky, more bohemian flavor and clientèle. The majority of clubs in Manhattan are free-spirited and are either at borderline or full-scale raunchy or more sophisticated havens for the young and restless. Age doesn't matter. Anything goes.

Whatever you taste, here are some select hot spots recommended by AfterDark-NYC where you will find the queer set on in their natural habitat:

505 East 6th Street
(Avenues A & B)
212 777 2555

Local crowds flock to this Soviet-themed club with strong drinks.

301 West 39th Street
(Eighth Avenue)
212 – 631 0558

Midtown Latino staple that's been here forever.

221 East 58th Street
(2nd & 3rd Avenues)
212 355 3395

Laid back, welcoming lounge with nice east side crowd.

Flaming Saddles logo

793 Ninth Avenue (Between W. 52nd & W. 53rd Streets)
212  713 0481 //

Voted Best Gay Bar by New York Magazine!
An establishment that (like straight dancing-bartender predecessors such as Hogs & Heifers) pulls off the trick of being both rousingly festive and laid-back at the same time.
The venue commits to its Wild West saloon theme with wood- plank floors, steer motif, Bonnie Raitt, on the jukebox, and Westerns on TV. But it isn’t above pleasing its clientele with flashing rainbow lights and bar-dancing cowboy bartenders.

Flaming Saddles bar dancingFlaming Saddles staff


German Rodiriguez - Tyler Rimage







225 West 19th Street
(7th & 8th Avenues)
212 – 929 1085

Gym babies strut their stuff mixed with Latinos, Asians & always hot, friendly  crowd.

150 Varick Street
(Vandam Street
212 – 807 7000

Vandam by nightlife favorite Susanne Bartsch and Kenny Kenny with Epiphany, et al. Guest DJs.

Gym Sportsbar - logo  Gym Sportsbar (Chelsea)
  167 Eighth Avenue (Between 18th & 19th Streets)
  212 – 337 2439

AD - Alegria Xtreme 12  Pacha Next

    Lots to view at this bi-level very popular gay   sports bar -  mobbed with jocks
  and busy flatscreens.

   Bartenders all very nice here and they hustle to make sure you get good drinks in a fast and efficient manner.  High marks for the service here by all.

    Known for a really friendly crowd.  If watching a a football game in Chelsea is for you, this place should be your pick.Plus, they have cool little soccer goals in the can so when you're getting rid of your beer, you can try to "score a goal" with the little soccer ball dangling from the goal. It's easy if you have good aim!I Even though the place gets crowded and the layout a bit awkwardly, it's definitely a fun place to go.

Gym Sportbar - couple

Gym Sportsbar - crowd

 Dylan Green CB

Hardware Bar NYC

697 Tenth Avenue (Hell's Kitchen)
(212) 924 9361




Catch great showcases and Tuesday night events at this hottest of clubs
in Hell's Kitchen.
Also, very hot Happy Hour and a hot time and much
more  in Hell's
Kitchen's latest boy blast.
Hardware Lounge ~

 Hardware lounge



579 Sixth Avenue (16th & 17th Streets)
212 – 741 4918

Formerly known as Rush, this gets a good, fun crowd.

438 Hudson Street
212 – 924 3347

Established ladies' club that pulls in a good mix of guys too. 

Party at Henrietta Hudson's

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