Barracuda - Best Bar imnage  275 West 22nd Street (at Eighth Avenue)
  212 – 645 8613

  A hot Chelsea staple!

  This consistently fun, Chelsea landmark, underwent some cute renovation. Known for its inviting crowd   and hilarious performances by most of NYC’s
 Drag superstars including Sherry Vine and Dallas Dubois, Barracuda has transformed into camp-chic retro-lounge with new furniture, lighting and a stage backdrop that is made up of velvet paintings of  bizarre public figures and exotic animals. The upgrade adds a warm, cozy, kitschy feel to the space that remains a favorite haunts.
Barracuda was Voted HX Magazine’s Best Bar 2006, 2007, & 2008  and named Best Gay Bar by The Village Voice, New York Magazine and NY Press.It's Barracuda - yes. But this "dive" has npthing to do with fish. It's a divey gay bar! It is too glittery to be a real "dive." No real dancefloor so don't come here to get yo freak on.The front area gets incredibly crowded. Go to the back or the middle area.. The music is mixed like from some gay boy's iphone. Come here with low expectations and you'll be very pleasantly surprised. Nice staff. Watch the security guards - they can be tough.     

Barracuda - crowd                                                                                                                Mauricio A Rodriguez