Sonewall Inn Exterior  53 Christopher Street (Sheridan Square  & Waverly Pl.)
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 Maybe the world's most famous gay bar.  Now, officially designated a NYC landmark.   

This historical space is populated by locals and visitors from around the globe. Everything from talent contests to Drag Bingo and always a lively, fun crowd.  

With a colorful history, the famous Stonewall Inn is located on the site of the infamous Stonewall riots in June 1969. A movement was born.It is the location of the gay rights demonstrations against a "Public Morals" police raid that changed the face of the gay community nationwide. It is now squeezed between a pet shop and a head empoium. It has been revamped more than once since those days when gay rebels barricaded police inside using an uprooted parking meter. 

 The legend lives on with histrionic photos from the riots hanging amid state of the art flat screens (that occasionally show soft-core porn.) Downstairs, old and new styles mix with stressed wood paneling against a large mirrored wall and a red lit (side) den with cozy seating for more "personal" encounters. Upstairs, it's a big ball beat with flashing lights, disco ball, leopard-print seats and a stage. It's also the home of popular gay historian/legend "Tree" behind the bar regularly.