Gym Sportsbar - logo  Gym Sportsbar (Chelsea)
  167 Eighth Avenue (Between 18th & 19th Streets)
  212 – 337 2439

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    Lots to view at this bi-level very popular gay   sports bar -  mobbed with jocks
  and busy flatscreens.

   Bartenders all very nice here and they hustle to make sure you get good drinks in a fast and efficient manner.  High marks for the service here by all.

    Known for a really friendly crowd.  If watching a a football game in Chelsea is for you, this place should be your pick.Plus, they have cool little soccer goals in the can so when you're getting rid of your beer, you can try to "score a goal" with the little soccer ball dangling from the goal. It's easy if you have good aim!I Even though the place gets crowded and the layout a bit awkwardly, it's definitely a fun place to go.

Gym Sportbar - couple

Gym Sportsbar - crowd

 Dylan Green CB