The Cubbyhole awning  The Cubbyhole
  281 West 12th Street (4th Street)
  212 – 243 9041 /

  Always popular and welcoming hangout bar with the ladies and some guys too. Terrific staff  makes you feel at home.

  If you like a hole in the wall village bar,. this one's for you.  The Cubbyhole is the perfect name because this place that is packed out on the weekends is cozy and gregarious. And, the drinks get high ratings.

  Always jumping, this village emporium that is popular with the ladies beckons you in and makes you want to stay all night.  Not too much room to move usually (and the line for the bathroom can get out of control.) One guarantee: Friendly bartenders and pulsating patrons.

Cubbyholde crowd Cubbyhole crowd