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  1 Oak
  453 West 17th Street (Near Tenth Avenue in Chelsea)
  (212) 242 1111 /

  Yes, Justin Bieber and a bevy of celebs have partied  been there. So have  others in this club with mixed reviews. Biggest complaint seems to be the rudeness of the bartenders and bouncers.

Looks count for gaining admittance - or just order a $1500-$2000 bottle of something. 
But maybe New York Magazine got it right:
After passing through a coat-check anteroom where lines of cursive are engraved in the wall,
patrons find themselves in an expansive room with a ceiling of raw oak slats and a zigzagging
black-and-white floor that sets an El Morocco tone. The room is divided by a central black
lacquered bar doling out $20 mixed drinks,and, in one corner, a VIP-type area with a roaring
fireplace and giant artwork by Roy Nachum  (designer of Southern Hospitality and Saucy) of
a sexy nude flanked by buffalo. Beyond that area is a cruise-y outdoor smoking lounge
partially enclosed by mirrored walls. Ostrich-leather banquettes line underlit brick walls
covered by metallic gold curtains, offsetting a bizarre centerpiece—another large
artwork of a young blindfolded boy with two horses. In the front of the room there’s a D.J.
podium outfitted with what looks and sounds like a very pricey sound system and in the back,
risers for those happy to sit without silver Dom Pérignon buckets in front of them.

— Daniel Maurer - NY Magazine

Beyonce - Jay Z - 1 Oak

Bruno Mars - friend

Justin Bieber - 1 Oak







Amnesia Club  A

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 Amnesia NYC

  609 West. 29th Street (11th & 12th Aves) 
 (212) 643 6464 / www.amnesianyc.com

 AMNESIA NYC is one of Manhattan’s unique venues featuring a spectacularly visual, modern space with two private balcony areas. Located near Midtown Manhattan, including Pennsylvania and Grand Central stations, AMNESIA NYC is a good location to host a special event. Featuring an impressive
40-foot-vaulted ceiling,  specially designed lounge furniture and state-of-the-art digital-sound systems
as well as special-event lighting. AMNESIA NYC is a lot to take in. Not ideal for everyone apparently
according to reviews. Music imix is hip-hop, rap with some R & B. Door policies are not always the
friendliest according to Yelp! visitors.But it's pretty. 

Amnesia crowd





Avenue logo

116 Tenth Avenue (Between 18th & 19th Stret - Chelsea)
(212) 337 0054 / www.avenue-newyork,com

Avenue is a most favored high-end club for Manhattan’s chic and elite. The suave club’s cozy
size and sophisticated  allure of the crowd keep this emporium mobbed Monday through Saturday.
Avenue is famous for attracting a high ratio of model types to regular people- with a crowd that
is very similar to SL, PHD and 1Oak.  The venue’s Monday night party is likely the very best in
Gotham (along with Catch) with regular celebrity pop-ins and a mega-attractive, always hot crowd.  

The smaller size means that the door is selective. But, if you are allowed in, you can be sure that you
are partying among New York’s elite. For house music fans, the club throws a house music party on
Tuesdays which is well attended often hosting big name DJs. Avenue draws a crowd of Manhattan’s
elite from a mixture of upscale, downtown and urban and fashion crowd  types who mix well.
AfterDark-NYC Recommended * * * * *

B.B.Kings - logo

   B.B. KING'S Blues Club & Grill / Lucille's Lounge
   237 West 42nd Street (Between Broadway & 9th Avenues)
   (212) 997 4144 / www.bbkingsblues.com

   B.B. King Blues Club & Grill is one of the premier live music venues in New York City in |the  heart of Times  Square. There is an impressive array of major artists and events that are presented at this always hopping, Manhattan mainstay club/venue.

   In the heart of 42nd Street so you'll have to buck the tourists just to get to the door :
The space is actually in the basement and you have to go down a long, winding staircase. The stage is well placed with good sight lines.
There's a generous amount of alcohol always on hand. And, servers carry large "buckets of booze" through the audience as they are watching the performances.
This venue attracvts many old and new rock and roll acts as well as hot cyrrent stars. Check the website for their long list of artists past - and present.

B.B. Kings marqueeB.B.Kings crowd






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Bathtub Gin with tub interiorBathtub Gin 
132 9th Ave(
18th St & 19th St) 

Tel:(646) 559-1671 / www.bathtubginnyc.com  

 Opened in 2011, this super cool Prohibition Era-style watering hole draws big crowds on weekends.
Reservations recommended - or, the "bouncer" (at a high-tech computer, by the "hidden" door, just past the coffee shop,) might question your admittance. It's all part of the ever-growing, ongoing trend of speakeasy-themed emporiums that dot the city after dark.
This one caught on like gangbusters from the 1920s. Good crowd and drinks are receiving raves.
The fun ambience is worth an affordable, happy night on the town. In short, it all works! The bar and the music get noisy as the hour gets late. And, the food: From grilled salmon, tasty mini-burgers
to chocolate chip cookies, it's all reasonably priced.                                                                                                     

These days, trendy, speakeasy-themed dives are a dime a dozen in New York. Manhattan's                                              Bathtub Gin - tub girls  east side is jammed with them.The team behind Bathtub Gin, located in the heart of west side's
Chelsea, was determined to bring this trend westward. Voila!  Enter Bathtub Gin on 9th Avenue near
18th Street.The cocktail lounge is stowed in a "'hidden room" behind a small, unassuming coffee
shop. Naturally, this gin mill is wild on gin. As for decor: Bathtub Gin is pseudo-speakeasy fare
with  curved booths, dim lights and a tiled tin ceiling. The centerpiece of the room is a massive,
claw-footed bathtub (with usually drunk patrons.) This joint is jumpi' - and  worth checking out.  

Bowery Ballroom crowd - stage
6 Delancey Street (Kemare Street - Lower East Side) 
(212) 533 2111 / www.boweryballroom.com

Since it opened in June 1998, the Bowery Ballroom has had the title of best music club in New York prettymuch locked up.
And one of the primary reasons it's so popular, apart from superior sightlines and sound, is the darkly swank, well-stocked
bar. The band playing upstairs ain't doing the trick for you? Plant your tuchas down and get yourself nicely plastered without
having to bear the sounds of Johnny Indie-Rocker. Whether or not the show agreed with you, Bowery Ballroom also offers
downtown's best post-show hang: Johnny Indie-Rocker can be fun to drink with, loud music notwithstanding.
— Rob Kemp / New York Magazine

 This happy hang has a history of exceedingly wild nights filled with celebration - club life style. Friendly faces abound here.
State of the art sound throughout. Popular upstairs bar. Generous drinks. Great guest performers. Overall: High ratings for
this mega-popular club. You'll be back! 

AfterDark-NYC Recommended  * * *

 Cielo party
18 Little West 12th Street (Between 9th Avenue & Washington Street)
(212) 645 5700 / www.cieloclub.com

Cielo is a hot, state-of-the-art space in downtown’s ultra-chic Meat Packing District.  The mighty club projects a music
program specializing in electronic music. A haven for mature denizens of the night seeking intelligent nightlife without the
hassles of monster clubs nor the elitism of those upscale lounges with excessive VIP rooms. Once in Cielo, there are no
more ropes, checkpoints or rules. The goal is to engage and engulf  the experience, not get in the way of it all.Cielo has set
new standards in New York nightlife by retrurning to basics: great DJs, a well-run door, impeccable service, stunning decor
and lighting, and an epic sound system (by legendary UK sound system pioneers, Funktion One,) which will blow the most
fastidious audiophile”s socks off. The space is purpose-built for dancing with the famous centrally located sunken dance floor
surrounded by banquettes decked out in brown and beige suede with many sexy and original lighting effects that further
enhance the design and concept. The overall look is an exciting, innovative and uber-stylish take on a Seventies aesthetic -
with  21st century sensibilty.!

AfterDark-NYC Recommended * * * * *

Greenhouse NYC B

Club scene - green Berlin 




150 Varick Stret (Between Vandam & Spring Streets) 
(212) 807 7000 / www.grenhouseusa.com

A two-story, 6,000-square-foot club with a chic, heavy-handed gimmick:Greenhouse is New York’s first
ecofriendly nightclub. The walls are sustainable bamboo, the light bulbs LED, the staff wears ecofriendly
garb designed by Bono’s wife and shills drinks made with organic 360 Vodka, and most of it is recycled.
It all adds up to a LEED registration, the first step to getting the official stamp of approval from the U.S.
Green Building Council. Greenhouse impresses with a sparkling, impressive interior. Ceilings are quite
fashionably decorated with giant plant leaves, and all seat’s are plush black leather couches. The lines
can be long. The door bouncers sometimes aggressive. Overall, a good experience and a hot club after
dark. One that should be checked out - especially if you like treandy. 

Hammerstein Ballroom - Manhattan Center

  Hammerstein Ballroom image for AD site end





311 West 34th Street (Between 8th & 9th Avenues)
(212) 279 7740 / www.mcstudios.com

 A serious New York mainstain concert venue for grand club and concert events. Capacity 2200.
The architecture alone in this beautiful old building is worth a visit. From President Obama at a
fundraiser dinner to classical, country, fashion and hip-hop concert events, this carnival is colossall.
It's been a significant part of Manhattan nightlife for many decades with a fascinating history.

Theater impresario Oscar Hammerstein I began the story with the debut of the Manhattan Opera
House in 1906. Built “to bring opera to the people,” the Manhattan Opera House quickly rivaled
the Metropolitan Opera in popularity, drawing both audiences and star performers to this exciting
new venue.When Hammerstein accepted a payment of $1.2 million from the Metropolitan Opera
for a 10-year moratorium on opera  performances in 1910, the new lessees, the Shubert Brothers,
brought vaudeville shows and popular music concerts to the Manhattan Opera House. Renaming
the building Manhattan Center in 1920. The Freemasons, new owners of the building, built the Grand
Ballroom on the roof of the existing opera house, and unintentionally created an acoustical masterpiece.
It has become the venue of choice for performances and recordings ever since.
Today, Manhattan Center is New York’s celebrated destination for extraordinary performances and unforgettable
special events. It is the premiere mid-size venue for corporate galas, charity fundraisers,award shows, rock concerts
and fashion shows.

Highline Ballroom logo

 Robin Thicke - Highline BallroomRobin Thicke - Highline Ballroom







431 West 16th Street (Chelsea) 
(212) 414 5994 / www.highlineballroom.com

Highline Ballroom is a 700-capacity standing, 400-capacity fully seated venue located in the heart of Chelsea.
Long known as the artistic heart of New York replete with its artist lofts, gallery spaces and charm, the Chelsea
neighborhood was the perfect location choice for the space.

Nestled beneath the Highline, a 1.45-mile-long elevated public space complete with landscaping and viewing
outposts that runs through the West Side neighborhoods.The Ballroom boasts a state-of-the art sound and light
system, a balcony, seated wings and a variety of floor setups. The venue's pristine production quality allows for
superstar stadium acts to play more intimate shows for their fans without compromising the level of sound. 
Call or check website for special events.

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