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  1 Oak
  453 West 17th Street (Near Tenth Avenue in Chelsea)
  (212) 242 1111 /

  Yes, Justin Bieber and a bevy of celebs have partied  been there. So have  others in this club with mixed reviews. Biggest complaint seems to be the rudeness of the bartenders and bouncers.

Looks count for gaining admittance - or just order a $1500-$2000 bottle of something. 
But maybe New York Magazine got it right:
After passing through a coat-check anteroom where lines of cursive are engraved in the wall,
patrons find themselves in an expansive room with a ceiling of raw oak slats and a zigzagging
black-and-white floor that sets an El Morocco tone. The room is divided by a central black
lacquered bar doling out $20 mixed drinks,and, in one corner, a VIP-type area with a roaring
fireplace and giant artwork by Roy Nachum  (designer of Southern Hospitality and Saucy) of
a sexy nude flanked by buffalo. Beyond that area is a cruise-y outdoor smoking lounge
partially enclosed by mirrored walls. Ostrich-leather banquettes line underlit brick walls
covered by metallic gold curtains, offsetting a bizarre centerpiece—another large
artwork of a young blindfolded boy with two horses. In the front of the room there’s a D.J.
podium outfitted with what looks and sounds like a very pricey sound system and in the back,
risers for those happy to sit without silver Dom Pérignon buckets in front of them.

— Daniel Maurer - NY Magazine

Beyonce - Jay Z - 1 Oak

Bruno Mars - friend

Justin Bieber - 1 Oak