Bowery Ballroom crowd - stage
6 Delancey Street (Kemare Street - Lower East Side) 
(212) 533 2111 /

Since it opened in June 1998, the Bowery Ballroom has had the title of best music club in New York prettymuch locked up.
And one of the primary reasons it's so popular, apart from superior sightlines and sound, is the darkly swank, well-stocked
bar. The band playing upstairs ain't doing the trick for you? Plant your tuchas down and get yourself nicely plastered without
having to bear the sounds of Johnny Indie-Rocker. Whether or not the show agreed with you, Bowery Ballroom also offers
downtown's best post-show hang: Johnny Indie-Rocker can be fun to drink with, loud music notwithstanding.
— Rob Kemp / New York Magazine

 This happy hang has a history of exceedingly wild nights filled with celebration - club life style. Friendly faces abound here.
State of the art sound throughout. Popular upstairs bar. Generous drinks. Great guest performers. Overall: High ratings for
this mega-popular club. You'll be back! 

AfterDark-NYC Recommended  * * *