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Bathtub Gin with tub interiorBathtub Gin 
132 9th Ave(
18th St & 19th St) 

Tel:(646) 559-1671 /  

 Opened in 2011, this super cool Prohibition Era-style watering hole draws big crowds on weekends.
Reservations recommended - or, the "bouncer" (at a high-tech computer, by the "hidden" door, just past the coffee shop,) might question your admittance. It's all part of the ever-growing, ongoing trend of speakeasy-themed emporiums that dot the city after dark.
This one caught on like gangbusters from the 1920s. Good crowd and drinks are receiving raves.
The fun ambience is worth an affordable, happy night on the town. In short, it all works! The bar and the music get noisy as the hour gets late. And, the food: From grilled salmon, tasty mini-burgers
to chocolate chip cookies, it's all reasonably priced.                                                                                                     

These days, trendy, speakeasy-themed dives are a dime a dozen in New York. Manhattan's                                              Bathtub Gin - tub girls  east side is jammed with them.The team behind Bathtub Gin, located in the heart of west side's
Chelsea, was determined to bring this trend westward. Voila!  Enter Bathtub Gin on 9th Avenue near
18th Street.The cocktail lounge is stowed in a "'hidden room" behind a small, unassuming coffee
shop. Naturally, this gin mill is wild on gin. As for decor: Bathtub Gin is pseudo-speakeasy fare
with  curved booths, dim lights and a tiled tin ceiling. The centerpiece of the room is a massive,
claw-footed bathtub (with usually drunk patrons.) This joint is jumpi' - and  worth checking out.