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18 Ninth Avenue (In Hudson Hotel between W.13th & Gansevort Streets)
(212) 929 9036 //

Trendy club owned by Michael Satsky and Brian Gefter, Provocateur is a nightlife oasis created to cater
to every desire.
Designed by Lionel Ohayon (Koi, STK, Hyde, W Hotels), Provocateur is comprised of two
distinct nightlife settings:
Provocateur Café and Provocateur Nightclub. Both the Café and Nightclub embody
the splendors of international nightlife.

It is rumored that entry will be like getting into Fort Knox. Hence, the snob appeal. Alluring and seductive in
posh ambience - in the Meat Packing District,
Provocateur is a good downtown club experience in New York.
It's been around for a few years now and the fact that it can still bring
in a well-rounded crowd is impressive.
Provocateur's door people are excellent to so-so.There are two rooms, the garden lounge and the club. The
garden lounge is the
perfect place to sit and chat while the club is for dancing and letting loose.
* * * AfterDArl-NYC recommended.

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