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360 Park Avenue South (Between 25th & 26th Streets -- Flatiron District)
(212) 951 7111 / 

A sprawling, hilarious restaurant that evokes the style and hubris of Trader Vic’s while improving on its food.
By no means for everyone - a crowded dining hall hidden behind billowing white curtains as if it were a nightclub,
staffed by waiters in “Casablanca & quot;- style white dinner jackets who serve large parties of people drinking
from hollowed-out watermelons and coconuts. It is also very loud. But the food is close to reliably good, a menu of
sticky, sweet, fried and wok-tossed dishes of high flavor if low spice, which the owner, Michael Stillman, calls faux
Polynesian. Naturally, there is a pu pu platter on the menu, recognizable to anyone who spent time  eating at tiki-themed
restaurants on suburban hilltops from coast to coast. — courtesy: Sam Sifton/NY Times