2011 CD Release
Arwin Productions


Could it be magic? Doris Day is back (did she ever leave?)

If you're a connoisseur of good singers and great songs, Doris Day plays a prominent role in your collection as well as your heart. And, if you like sentiment and just plain schmaltz, this disc is your baby. My Heart contains 13 songs, most of which have never been heard before.

Released in America in December, 2011, this CD packs an emotional wallop for any Doris Day fan and her brand of sweet, sentimental magic. The legendary actress/singer has long nestled herself in the hills of Carmel, California and tends to her animal rescue causes and very private life by choice. She has not appeared publicly in many years. And, she's rejected offers to be feted by the Kennedy Center Honors and the Academy Awards more than once. So this “new” album, released with her guidance and help in 2011 in the United Kingdom, is an important piece of musical history. Grammy winner Doris Day's personalized phrasing skills are flawless in tandem with her supple alto that melts hearts. Her natural diction, breath control and the heart she exudes, makes the listener feel she is singing directly to them. Greatness like Doris Day's may not pass this way again.

As mentioned, Ms. Day had a hands-on role in the album along with her late son Terry Melcher. There are six brand new songs never before released by Day.

Most of it was cut in the 1980s and never released - until now. Ms. Day's late son, Terry Melcher, a very respected music producer (most famous for his work with The Byrds and other pop groups of the 1960s and 70s,) nudged her back to the studio under his guidance at that time. Consequently, six of the cuts on the album resulted from those sessions. She actually played a few of the rough teaser cuts during the eighties on her own television show called “Doris Day's Best Friends.” However, some were incomplete in terms of mixing and mastering. This all changed when multi-platinum selling, Grammy winning British producer Ted Carfrae gathered some musicians together with additional orchestrations and completed the job. The result is My Heart, released in 2011. It is Doris Day's first completed original album release in seventeen years. Included here are also studio cuts lifted from her 1970s American television specials as well as another trio of gems taken from the repository at Columbia. She personally hand-picked each cut based on her own sentiment. The album is lovingly dedicated to Terry Melcher who also sings a heartfelt original ballad called Happy Endings.


This all shot to #9 on the UK album charts after its release in September 2011.. As a result of this, Doris Day immediately became the oldest singer in UK chart history to have a Top 10 hit with an album of new material. At first, the CD was only available in Britain. However, due to unprecedented demand, it soon was released in the USA through Day's own label, Arwin Productions. And, she even added a brand new track for US audiences called Stewball; a terrific duet with her son.

The disc overflows with highlights. A surprise, and one of the album's finest cuts, is her moving version of Joe Cocker's You Are So Beautiful. Here, she brings new meaning to this classic and it's a heart breaker. Other special moments from this great singer that will have listeners pressing the repeat button a lot come with a definitive My Buddy from her film, I'll See You In My Dreams and the album's riveting title cut, My Heart and an wistful, introspective, The Way I Dreamed It that is perfect for her warmhearted delivery. Both cuts are penned by Mr. Melcher.

Other, newer highlights include, a spirited Heaven Tonight, her take on the the Lovin Spoonful's Daydream, the Beach Boy's Disney Girls. Hurry It's Lovely Up Here from the Broadway musical, On a Clear Day You Can See Forever is a gem.

My Heart will please Ms, Day's legions of fans and should clearly define a wonderful introduction to anyone not familiar with the scope of her brilliant recording career. Ultimately, its a masterpiece, thanks to Mr. Carfrae, and reminds us how much this beloved singer is missed. My Heart is a must for any collector of great music or anyone who misses the greatness of Doris Day who remains an undisputed American treasure.