Cast Party poster

  Birdland - Jim Caruso's Cast Party
  315 West 44th Street (between 8th & 9th Avenues)

  212 – 581 3080 /

  It's reached legendary stauts in Manhattan - after dark. Jim Caruso hosts the superstars
the rising talents and those that defy description in the town's most relevant show business
happening that attracts the Broadway and cabaret crowd en masse.Every Monday, after their
Broadway To Cabaret showcase (with a star talent on hand,) the party begins. It's called
"extreme open-mic!" It's become so popular, they've even taken it on the road sporadically to
Vegas and other fun places where good taste in entertainment is the norm. Jim Caruso is one of
a kind. And, so is Cast Party as Manhattan premiere jazz room converts into an open-mic fun
fest. that is unequalled today.


Liza Minnelli - J Caruso - cast party 2

J Caruso - B Stritch - cast party 3

J Caruso - cast party celeb croiwd

N Douglas - M Maye Cast Party