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Marie's Crisis Piano Bar 
  59 Grove Street (Between Grove St. & 7th Avenue)

  Step out of time and walk downstairs into this tiny old West Village bar that sings - and   sings. As any regular will tell you, the room first opened in the 1850s as a haven for street walkers and their men. It became a boy bar by the 1890s, and lasted through Prohibition, when it was known as Marie's (the "Crisis" came from "The Crisis Papers," by Thomas Paine, who died in the same building.) For the past 35+ years, it's incarnated as a piano joint in which neighboring and out of town gay men and endless musical theater performers and wannabes gather round the keys nightly and sing solos and chorus numbers. It creates a mood of silly fun and off-key musical madness. The decor is salty, ultra-rustic and minimal with the stunning WPA mirror depicting French and American Revolution scenes. Tradition, gossp and nostalgia abound and conversation often turns to the house ghosts. This hallowed dive has clearly inhaled its share of melancholic memories. Vice president Hubert Humphrey even paid a visit while campaigning in the 1960s.Look for celebs to pop in like Darren Criss and Lea Salonga (below,) Jimmy Fallon and their like. Always a hoot!  

Maries Crisis crowd 4Maries Crisis crowd 3Darren Criss - Lea Salonga - Maries Crisis