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  The Duplex Cabaret & Piano Bar
  61 Christopher Street (at Sheridan Square)
  212 255 5438 /

  A Manhattan instituion.  For years,  the heart of gay  (or  straight) cabaret and piano-bar madness, today, it's just as crazy and maybe more fun than ever. You'll see a lot of high camp, great talents and endless laughs with good-natured fun as the piano  runs the gamut from musicals, country to forgotten revues and even stand-up comedy. The popular upstairs cabaret (which helped kick off the careers of Woody Allen, Joan Rivers, Barbra Streisand and a plethora of legends,) hosts an eclectic mix of wannabes and grand pros who pack them in at this landmark at it's Sheridan Square location (For years, it was located across the Square at 55 Gove Street.)

Terrific outdoor seating in the summmer. Be prepared for a rowdy crowd sprinkled with the NYU guys and dolls. Great piano players and the multi-talented singing staff make for a memorable night. But weekends rule downtown at this popular fixture.  

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