Brandys Piano Bar awning  Brandy's Piano Bar
  235 East 84th Street  (between 2nd & 3rd Avenues)
  212-744 4949 //

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  A legendamong piano bars.  Hidden away, on a side street in a most unlikely place, Brandy's is one of the Upper East Side's best kept secrets. This intimate spot showcases live talent every single night of the week and - has for over 30 years. Always a good crowd, it's packed on weekends. Brandy's  also has one of the singular most talented staffs in Manhattan after dark.  Happy Hour 4pm - 8pm // Live Music goes from 9:30 to 3:00 am. A 2 drink minimum per person per set. No cover charge.

From New Yok Magazine:
This piano bar, opened in 1979, has the kind of unpretentious neighborhood feel that might have inspired Billy Joel's song from that era, Piano Man. Every night, bartenders and waiters croon along to Broadway favorites, jazz standards and classic rock. Brandy's attracts a certain segment of Yorkville's gay contingent, but hetero couples are just as welcome to add their off-key voices to the din. Trading quips as they down martinis and Buds, the regulars seem practically nailed into their seats at the long wood bar, which lost its polish long ago. The time-worn, slightly sleazy air is solidified by dozens of coats of paint on the walls and worn linoleum floors. During the concerts, there is a two-drink minimum, but drinks are fairly cheap. — David S. Hirschman

What others are saying...

"Have a "gay old time" regardless of your sexual orientation at this "guilty-pleasure" UES piano bar renowned
for booze-infused "sing-alongs" led by "entertaining" staffers who really "get the crowd going"...

-ZAGAT SURVEY - New York City Nightlife

"From "Phantom" to Billy Joel to Prince and all points in between, Brandy's has something for everyone. Since 1979 ... an institution!"

"One of the single most entertaining and fun experiences in a saloon to be found in Gotham. The vibrant staff overflows with raw talent offering a piece of greatness for the price of a drink or two." Just GO! You'll love this happy hidewaay on the upper east side where the music never stops." 

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Brandys piano player

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