Bills Food  Drink - exterior

  Bill's Food & Drink

57 East 54th Street (Between Madison & Park Avenues)  (212) 518 2727 /

Full of charm and old world ambience replete with live piano nightly in the background. Recently expanded their live music policy.
Pricey, good food. Great for a spcial occasion. Welcoming staff and a wine list that gets good reviews.

John Delucie’s remake of the old Bill’s Gay Nineties townhouse space is a rather pricey new midtown restaurant. The legendary old saloon is basically intact, complete with sports photos on the walls and piano player tinkling away in a corner of the room. The vaulted upstairs dining room has been decorated in the style of the owner's popular downtown establishment, the Lion (with deer heads, an ancient ship’s wheel, and random portraits of old tycoons.) The menu has an assortment of  olde plutocrat specialties (Osetra caviar, Delmonico steak, bacon chops), etc. Mixed to good reviews on the food.

Bills Food  Drink - interior







Stonewall Inn logo 2

  The Stonewall Inn (open-mic)

  53 Christopher Street (At Sheridan Square)
  212 – 488 2705

  Thursday night is Talent night on the stage at this landmark gay club.

  *** See Gay Bar Listings at this site (under "Listings") for more  information.


Stonewall inn crowd 4








  Parnell's Bar & Restaurant 
  350 East 53rd Street (at First Ave.)
  212 - 753 1761 /

  In the heart of Sutton Place, this neighborrhod landmark mainstay brims
  with Irish hospitatlity. The decor is inviting with dark wood floors, Faux-Tiffany
  lamps, red brick walls filled with vintage local and sports pictures, plates
  and collectible Steins. Terrific homestyle comfort foods and desserts.
  Upfront is a  popular sports bar.
Don't miss Manhattan's piano bar/jazz favorite Scot Albertson who picked up the late Jerry Scott's mantel with Saturday Night Spotlight Showcases with open mic nights.

Cast Party poster

  Birdland - Jim Caruso's Cast Party
  315 West 44th Street (between 8th & 9th Avenues)

  212 – 581 3080 /

  It's reached legendary stauts in Manhattan - after dark. Jim Caruso hosts the superstars
the rising talents and those that defy description in the town's most relevant show business
happening that attracts the Broadway and cabaret crowd en masse.Every Monday, after their
Broadway To Cabaret showcase (with a star talent on hand,) the party begins. It's called
"extreme open-mic!" It's become so popular, they've even taken it on the road sporadically to
Vegas and other fun places where good taste in entertainment is the norm. Jim Caruso is one of
a kind. And, so is Cast Party as Manhattan premiere jazz room converts into an open-mic fun
fest. that is unequalled today.


Liza Minnelli - J Caruso - cast party 2

J Caruso - B Stritch - cast party 3

J Caruso - cast party celeb croiwd

N Douglas - M Maye Cast Party






Maries Crisis logo 3

Marie's Crisis Piano Bar 
  59 Grove Street (Between Grove St. & 7th Avenue)

  Step out of time and walk downstairs into this tiny old West Village bar that sings - and   sings. As any regular will tell you, the room first opened in the 1850s as a haven for street walkers and their men. It became a boy bar by the 1890s, and lasted through Prohibition, when it was known as Marie's (the "Crisis" came from "The Crisis Papers," by Thomas Paine, who died in the same building.) For the past 35+ years, it's incarnated as a piano joint in which neighboring and out of town gay men and endless musical theater performers and wannabes gather round the keys nightly and sing solos and chorus numbers. It creates a mood of silly fun and off-key musical madness. The decor is salty, ultra-rustic and minimal with the stunning WPA mirror depicting French and American Revolution scenes. Tradition, gossp and nostalgia abound and conversation often turns to the house ghosts. This hallowed dive has clearly inhaled its share of melancholic memories. Vice president Hubert Humphrey even paid a visit while campaigning in the 1960s.Look for celebs to pop in like Darren Criss and Lea Salonga (below,) Jimmy Fallon and their like. Always a hoot!  

Maries Crisis crowd 4Maries Crisis crowd 3Darren Criss - Lea Salonga - Maries Crisis


The Duplex - logo

  The Duplex Cabaret & Piano Bar
  61 Christopher Street (at Sheridan Square)
  212 255 5438 /

  A Manhattan instituion.  For years,  the heart of gay  (or  straight) cabaret and piano-bar madness, today, it's just as crazy and maybe more fun than ever. You'll see a lot of high camp, great talents and endless laughs with good-natured fun as the piano  runs the gamut from musicals, country to forgotten revues and even stand-up comedy. The popular upstairs cabaret (which helped kick off the careers of Woody Allen, Joan Rivers, Barbra Streisand and a plethora of legends,) hosts an eclectic mix of wannabes and grand pros who pack them in at this landmark at it's Sheridan Square location (For years, it was located across the Square at 55 Gove Street.)

Terrific outdoor seating in the summmer. Be prepared for a rowdy crowd sprinkled with the NYU guys and dolls. Great piano players and the multi-talented singing staff make for a memorable night. But weekends rule downtown at this popular fixture.  

The Duplex - singer

 The Duplex - Natalie DThe Duplex crowd




Dont Tell Mama - logo

  Don't Tell Mama Piano Bar
  343 West 46th Street  (On Restaurant Row between 8th & 9th Avenues) )
  212 – 757 0788 /

  A Manhattan landmark for almost 30 years,  Don't Tell Mama's  Piano Bar offers a unique experience that both locals and tourists have come to love. Whether sipping a happy hour cocktail or unwinding after a busy day or joining their nightly festivities for the evening or after-theater crowd, you won't be disappointed. It's always a talent-fueled party.
  The professional singing wait staff and stellar piano players will give you a night you will not forget. They offer a great bar menu in the adjoining restaurant to satisfy those late night cravings, and a range of music from Broadway to jazz, rock to pop and everything in between. There is always something for everyone!

Dont Tell Mama - crowd - B Gari site

Dont Tell Mama - singer - pianost

Dont Tell Mama - poster.  





Brandys Piano Bar awning  Brandy's Piano Bar
  235 East 84th Street  (between 2nd & 3rd Avenues)
  212-744 4949 //

  AfterDark-NYC recommended * * * *

  A legendamong piano bars.  Hidden away, on a side street in a most unlikely place, Brandy's is one of the Upper East Side's best kept secrets. This intimate spot showcases live talent every single night of the week and - has for over 30 years. Always a good crowd, it's packed on weekends. Brandy's  also has one of the singular most talented staffs in Manhattan after dark.  Happy Hour 4pm - 8pm // Live Music goes from 9:30 to 3:00 am. A 2 drink minimum per person per set. No cover charge.

From New Yok Magazine:
This piano bar, opened in 1979, has the kind of unpretentious neighborhood feel that might have inspired Billy Joel's song from that era, Piano Man. Every night, bartenders and waiters croon along to Broadway favorites, jazz standards and classic rock. Brandy's attracts a certain segment of Yorkville's gay contingent, but hetero couples are just as welcome to add their off-key voices to the din. Trading quips as they down martinis and Buds, the regulars seem practically nailed into their seats at the long wood bar, which lost its polish long ago. The time-worn, slightly sleazy air is solidified by dozens of coats of paint on the walls and worn linoleum floors. During the concerts, there is a two-drink minimum, but drinks are fairly cheap. — David S. Hirschman

What others are saying...

"Have a "gay old time" regardless of your sexual orientation at this "guilty-pleasure" UES piano bar renowned
for booze-infused "sing-alongs" led by "entertaining" staffers who really "get the crowd going"...

-ZAGAT SURVEY - New York City Nightlife

"From "Phantom" to Billy Joel to Prince and all points in between, Brandy's has something for everyone. Since 1979 ... an institution!"

"One of the single most entertaining and fun experiences in a saloon to be found in Gotham. The vibrant staff overflows with raw talent offering a piece of greatness for the price of a drink or two." Just GO! You'll love this happy hidewaay on the upper east side where the music never stops." 

AfterDark-NYC * * * *

Brandys piano player

Brandys Belfry - Brandys piano player 2Brandys crowd




Bemelmans Bar logo 3   Bemelmans Bar (Piano Lounge)
   Madison Avenue & E 76th Street (The Carlyle Hotel)
   212 – 570 7184 /

   Best remembered as the creator of the classic Madeline books for children, Ludwig  Bemelmans once joked he'd like his tombstone to read: "Tell Them It Was Wonderful." Well, wonderful it was, and still is at Bemelmans Bar. Named in honor of the legendary artist, Bemelmans is a timeless New York watering hole that has drawn socialites, politicians, movie stars and moguls for more than five decades.

   Restored in 2002 by designer Thierry Despont, the bar maintains its Art Deco legacy with chocolate-brown leather banquettes, nickel-trimmed black glass tabletops, a dramatic black granite bar and a 24-karat gold leaf-covered ceiling. Featuring the only surviving Bemelmans' commission open to the public, the bar combines wit and coziness in unique New York style.Top artists and trios like Dave Budway, Tony DeSare and Earl Rose alternate and perform into the wee small hours (call for schedule.) and alternate with popular Billy Stritch and Jim Caruso (on Sunday nights.) A haven for the elite, you'll be very comfortable and welcome in such lush ambience. 

Bemelmans Bar interior 2

Caruso - Stritch Bemelmans

Darren Criss - Angela Bassett Bemelmans