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Kane Alexander

JUNE 1 at 7:00
With very special guests: John Bucchino & Silvie Paladino (Les Miz, Miss Saigon, Mamma Mia, Passion)
Musical Direction: Alex Rybeck 
54 Below  

“Armed with undeniable star – power… One of the entertainment events of the year”  New York Cabaret Scenes

“A magnificent voice – he captures your heart and takes you with him on a journey through song”Sunday Telegraph

“A natural on stage. Handsomely chiselled features, a fine voice, good taste in songs and and open hearted delight in performing….The most impressive, spirit – lifting act of the year”  New York Post

“He commands immediate attention and excitement” New York Cabaret Scenes

“A smashing debut! Heartfelt and riveting….Totally captivating” Backstage (New York)

“… A polished vocal delivery that slides comfortably between theatrical belting and intimate pop crooning. He is poised and charming… His interpretations intelligently conceived… Performed with delicacy and insight”  Stephen Holden, New York Times

“A perfect New York debut! A sensitivity and eloquence unsurpassed in this critics experience… Incredible”  Theatre Reviews Limited (USA)

“Exceptional… Alexander exhibits the talent and training of the future star”  Showbusiness Weekly (USA)

“Kane Alexander has it all – personality, appearance and a marvellous voice… This is a name to write down”  Alan Jones, Radio 2GB

“A strong voiced, expressive performer who can even serve up a rock ‘n’ roll storm”  Sydney Morning Herald

“(Alexander possesses) a thrilling, multi-range voice”  New York Cabaret Scenes

“I would pay just about anything to see him… Catch him now while he’s still affordable”  Sunday Telegraph

“Extraordinary” Daily Variety (USA)