Cabaret-LogoI've played for sold out houses and performed for two
people in a storm ... I gave them what they wanted!

(Julie Wilson)

 ... you can laugh, cry yearn and imagine all you like …
it's a love affair as special as any two people can share.

(Ann Hampton Callaway)

 We never called them cabarets. We called them saloons! Dives. Toilets.

(Dorothy Loudon)

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    Laughing crowd Manhattan Comedy Club

    Manhattan's great comedy clubs are as famous as they are infamous.

    They dot the nightlife and play host to tens of thousands of New Yorkers and tourists  nightly 7 days a week. Each has thei own flavor and style. Comics often jump from one club to another breaking in or polishing up their acts. Several clubs provide a jumping off place for rising stars. Others book mainly headliners from television and movies. Whatever you're looking for to tickle your funny bone, Manhattan after dark has it. Cover changes and minimums vary. It is always best to call the club first regarding costs before you get surprised.

    Here's a sampling to get you started:

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