After Dark is an imaginative online entertainment magazine service focusing on the arts and happenings with selective listings throughout New York City. It is our goal to provide readers worldwide with an assortment of current listings and up to the minute news and happenings from the collective worlds of theatre, cabaret, jazz, dance clubs, restaurants, nightlife and other worthy after dark features, information, interviews, photos – and listings. We plan to cover many stages.

 And, yes, the title was influenced by the defunct After Dark Magazine which was published from 1968 until 1982. Several friends and colleagues urged me to use the name over the years. Some were actually directly associated with the popular publication which focused on cinema, clubs, theater, the arts and celebrities. My friend, the late Darrel Henline who was the publisher of Cabaret Scenes until his passing in ??? knew of my interest in producing my own magazine – on or offline. He was one of those who encouraged me to carry the torch of a publication that covered many facets of nightlife. Another champion was the late Bernie Sirota, Publisher/Editor of Private Lives Magazine.

As we begin our foray into nightlife after dark, we invite readers' comments and critiques on what we offer and what you would like to see more of. We will constantly stride to keep our listings updated efficient and regularly. Our staff is changing and still in formation as we grow each day. There will be guest reviewers and writers as well as insightful commentary on the simple and sophisticated world around us – past and present by established and lesser known writers. In time, we hope to expand to even more comprehensive coverage in other cities across the country. We encourage your input and all suggestions as we mature.

 Our main goal is to promote and support live entertainment in all the arts. And, we plan many surprises and conventional and non-conventional approaches to the scene – after dark. Stay tuned.

 We will even have a Talk Back or FORUM section where observers can voice their commentaries and opinions. These will never be edited. However, they may be screened for acceptance purposes before publishing. We mainly ask that you use tact and common sense in your comments. Profane or tasteless remarks will not be published. Otherwise, the public is free to write as they please, Here's to some lively chatting.

 For now, we are off and running. Many supporters who know about this project have already offered their good wishes and support.

 As for me, I will do my best and hope you like what's coming. Till then, I will see you after dark – with John Hoglund.

 John Hoglund …